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You will also find that the science fiction that Ghesquiere has always been obsessed with actually has options to attract colors, and the combination with science fiction also coincides with the show.
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The letter U means that the line on the left is thicker than the line on the right.
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Caroline uses a brown trench coat with excellent texture as the main item. In order to prevent the dullness caused by large areas of color blocks, she also uses a leopard print trousers as a bottom outfit very uniquely. The gorgeous leopard pattern makes the whole look very eye-catching, but the smaller exposed area does not appear too fancy. The shoes also choose warm cream boots, the whole color is very comfortable together. In 1955, it was carried on the chest as a messenger bag, and its exquisite hardware can provide a richer texture to the entire shape, which is so beautiful. ▼
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Creative creativity Nicolas Nicolas Nicolas Gsquiere often chooses his architectural scenes as a display. He has performed in the most breathtaking locations in the world, including the Global Aviation Flight Center in New York Airport and the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan. A series of scenes, he explained in his show notes, all of which are for direct viewing.
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Later, Rudolph's son Maurizio inherited control of Gucci. Since he was restrained by his father, he has become extravagant. On Christmas Day in 985, Maurizio pretended to be away from home on a business trip. The next day, he sent someone to send a divorce agreement to his wife, Patricia. An angry Patricia cursed: "I want to see him die with my own eyes!"
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The two ends of the letter I are raised instead of a straight stroke like imitation goods, which looks deliberate.
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In fact, I haven't thought that Misa Patinszki can still shoot such a large-scale local perfume advertisement, probably to make money and raise a family.
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NO.3MK Whitney small shoulder bag ¥4300 MK This Whitney shoulder bag has simple lines and an adjustable chain strap. It is double-folded and suitable for commuting. The leather is made of rare lambskin, which is softer and more delicate than lambskin, and the metal buckle adds a sense of gorgeousness.
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Maria Bernad used a clean khaki trench coat to match this red trimmed 1955. Although the khaki trench coat and bag are different in color, they fit in well. And there are many ways of "color echoing" in the whole shape, which are worth learning, such as the red decoration on the black sweater, the checkered pattern on the umbrella, and the red headscarf. Headscarves may not be practical in China, but there are many fashion bloggers in Europe who like to use silk scarves as headwear, which is very practical and big with small accessories! ▼
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When it comes to Sylvie, you might think of red and green braided ribbons and ribbons. In short, the former Sylvie always felt like a celebrity. However, nowadays, many girls are looking for cooler bags. It is difficult for Sylvie to integrate into such a match, but Sylvie 1969 is here. Compared to the classic Sylvie, it can be said to be a big change and even cooler. The retro value is rising, and there are patent leather materials that many people like.
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GGMarmont series products The GG brass logo and the beast's accessories make people have a kind of noble and gorgeous, retro fashion art style and fashion trend. This is a label that is very popular with all the fairies. If black is the classic color, then white is the tsundere of spring.
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Jo Ellison is one of the many fans of this unique bag. When the bag itself is complicated enough, our clothing must be very simple and clean. Alison is very unique with a gray suit and dark brown double-sided woolen coat for layering. The combination of neutral color and earth color is very harmonious, and the color is just in line with the composition of the bag, which is very carefully matched. ▼
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The whole of the letters G and C is similar to the circle, but the beginning is almost flat.
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Dauphine's patterns also have new patterns.
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On the morning of September 23, 1995, Maurizio walked to the office as usual. As soon as he walked up the steps of the main entrance, two gunshots fired suddenly behind him, and Maurizio, who had just walked up the steps of the main entrance, was killed on the spot. Two years later, the murderer behind the tragedy, his ex-wife, was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder.
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The real Gucci has very fine workmanship, and the stitches on the edges of the bag are straight and neat, while the fake Gucci may have very rough workmanship, with uneven and skewed lines. Observe whether the end of the line is clean, whether the inner leather fold or cutting line is flat, and careful comparison can make the fakes have nowhere to hide.
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In this issue of Luxe Buy, let’s share with you a few ways to distinguish the authenticity of Gucci's new waist bag.
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